I have two passions in life: travel and learning. We're never too old to do either.

Travel has been a recurring theme my life - it's actually quite prominent in my birth chart (any astrology buffs?). I was born and raised in the Bahamas to Chinese emigrants, I attended high school in Ontario, Canada, and then moved to the U.S. to attend college and live with my extended family. I've since lived in Thailand and Oman for work, and am currently back in the U.S. Fun fact: my mom had her own travel agency for 28 years. 

Living in various countries has shaped the way I view travel. It's more than just saying you've been to a particular place - it's about experiencing another culture and appreciating its history, people, and natural beauty. Travel is a great source of knowledge, inspiration, and transformation. 

My love of traveling truly began while I was in the Peace Corps. During my two years in Thailand I'd bought a map of the country to keep track of all the places I had visited either for work or leisure. By the end of my assignment I'd been to 36 out of 76 provinces. Yes, I'm definitely proud of that feat, and yes, I think I still have that map somewhere..  

My most cherished trips have revolved around exploring and food (usually exploring and then stumbling across some place to eat). These memories include trekking through tribal villages in Sa Pa, Vietnam, roaming the streets of Paris when I didn't have any baking classes scheduled (the only reason why I went to Paris was to learn how to bake), and island hopping throughout Greece's Cyclades islands in rental cars and on foot with a broken ankle that had just barely healed. Oh yeah, and there's that one time I had to leave Thailand on a visa run so I chose to go to Penang, Malaysia - just because of the food.

Working abroad has taught me to be patient, adaptable, and resourceful. Teaching English in rural villages usually means making some (or all) of your own teaching aids and can sometimes mean "clean up the school yard day" (translation: lessons are put on hold and EVERYONE helps clean and sweep the school grounds). 

Another thing I learned is to always anticipate your customer's needs. Shadowing various teams at a five-star resort in Oman was one of the most valuable activities I've ever participated in as I got the opportunity to experience a day in the life of hospitality workers in all departments. Each team went above and beyond to ensure that their guests had the most unforgettable stay.

So, now you know a little bit about me. What can I do for you as a client? I want to go above and beyond to help you create unique, memorable, and inspiring travel experiences. 

Connect with me to talk about your next travel dream or if you want to say hi!

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